Press Release | Music Album - The Choice Is Yours 

Roots Rockn' Folk // Story Style Songs

On Saturday December 8th, Roots Rock Trio Lachlan Grant Splendor will perform live at Epilogue Lounge in Alice Springs, launching a brand new album of music called 'The Choice Is Yours'. Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Lachlan Grant will be accompanied by Carlos Naranjo on bass guitar and Joey Klarenbeek on drums. 'The Choice Is Yours' is a conceptual album inspired by introspection, inspiration and higher conscious awakening. The intention of this album is to remind people that they have a choice to be co creators of their reality and further inspire them to embrace authenticity free from judgement.

Intriguing listeners and captivating audiences across North America, Australia and New Zealand, Lachlan Grant has gained experience, inspiration and patience since embarking along the creative avenue of song writing. Serving as a filing system for ideas, thoughts and feelings, Lachlan has been constructing songs since the age of 16. After completing a Bachelor of Music at Otago University (New Zealand) in 2010, Lachlan packed his life into a suitcase and headed for Australia. Working jobs in the service industry, Lachlan found himself discovering unique parts of Australia as this new found nomadic life-style became an anchor of inspiration for Grant's first official recording project 'The Drifting EP'. Shortly after, Lachlan set sail, taking his drifting way of living across the Pacific and onto the shores of America's North West. Three months later, Debut Album 'Cordial' was released. 

Lachlan Grant first found himself in Alice Springs back in 2009, "My Mother moved outback, gaining employment as a Remote Community School Teacher. I was lucky enough to be able visit during my university holidays and instantly, I could feel that Central Australia had an abundance of peace, presence and healing on offer. Upon moving to Australia after completing my studies, I slowly but surely made my way back to Alice." Working as a Music Teacher, Lachlan harnessed an opportunity to share his passion with young students of Alice Springs and surrounding communities. After saving enough money to head to North America, Lachlan departed Alice Springs in seek of new experiences and faces for his music. "It was a trip of a life time. Writing songs, living in my van while travelling through a foreign land, I was jobless, homeless and full of overwhelming happiness. Unfortunately, this pure freedom had a cost, my direction lost focus and my insecurities began to surface. Mental and financial exhaustion slowly escalated and I needed stability if I was going to be able to convert my new song ideas into an album recording project. The only place on my mind was Alice Springs, I could literally feel her serenity calling me to 'come home'.After two years abroad, Lachlan returned to Alice Springs full of inspiration, stories and wisdom. Now employed as a Music Teacher, Lachlan has funded the complete production of his brand new album 'The Choice Is Yours'. "This album has been a very long time coming and it is extremely satisfying to finally announce that 'The Choice Is Yours' is now produced and ready for release.

Be sure to catch this Live Music Epilogue Extravaganza. Support act 'Jacob (Kobi) Batimana' will begin grooving from 9pm, warming the vibe for Lachlan Grant Splendor to take the stage shortly after 10pm. Entry will be FREE :-)

Lachlan Grant Splendor
Instagram @expressyoursplendor

Album - 'The Choice is Yours'
Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Youtube.


Production Credits: 
Composed & Produced by Lachlan Grant  
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar & Bass - Lachlan Grant  
Drumming & Album Artwork - Joey Klarenbeek  
Recording Engineer - Phillip Sawyers  
Mixing Engineer - Cole Nystrom  
Mastering Engineer - Alex DeYoung

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