Splendor Music | Lachlan Grant


Everything is another compelation 
Of many other smaller things... 
With the wind he breathes, 
Within the mind he perceives 
The pieces of the puzzle 
And how the they fit together so perfectly 

Overwhelmed by truth 
Astonished & completely mesmerized 
Your eyes can't tell lies when the mind & body align 
Don't drift away with thought 
Or you may forget the power of the force 
Nothing is too good to be true 
It all depends on your point of view 

The spirits are here to help you 
Forever they will surround you 
Slip into a state of presence 
You can understand their message 
Communicate through language 
Disclose your spiritual awareness 
Spread your love & share your story 
Ignore the ego & inspire the worthy 
You are a combination of Splendor, Spirit, Soul & Energy! 

By Lachlan Grant, 
December 3rd, 2017

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