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Lachlan Grant Splendor - The Choice Is Yours

A conceptual album inspired by introspection, inspiration and higher conscious awakening. The intention of this album is to remind people that they have a choice to be co creators of their reality and further inspire them to embrace authenticity free from judgement.

01 Believe In Possibility

With a tasty guitar groove and a driving rhythm, 'Believe in Possibility' introduces the sound, style and concept of the album. The lyrics approach themes of philosophy and wisdom while altering perspective between a succeeding positive thinker and someone consumed by negativity. The songs purpose is to offer encouragement to anyone low on inspiration and introduce the succession of songs to follow.

02 The Choice Is Yours

The album title track. 'The Choice Is Yours' explores the theme of free will while attempting to motivate people to embrace choice and utilize it to create the life of their dreams. The lyrics present a story beginning with 'Penny' who made the wrong choices and ended up living a life of misery. Then moving to 'Dave' who made powerful choices and ended up living a life of luxury and leisure. The chorus of the song turns to offering advice to those struggling with indecision and presents awareness to the decision making process. Further attempting to motivate people to embrace their choice and realize they are lucky to even have one.

03 Fathers Second Son

A song written back in my second year at Otago University. I remember playing guitar casually one morning and deciding to try and make a song using a finger style 12/8 guitar picking pattern. The lyrics address the idea of self discovery and take the perspective of a younger brother remembering being passionately inspired by his older brother but becoming confused with growing up. A lonely teen seeking company and friends but getting no sense of connection from his family. In embarking on a journey of self discovery, this young brother broke free and created his own reality. So many of us become distracted by the reflections we see of ourselves in others. In learning to look within for answers, one will realize he is his own self and not like anyone else. Embrace authenticity, it is your duty.

04 Dependent Happiness

A love song with an alternative folky groove. 'Dependent Happiness' was written in Coral Bay, Western Australia during the last few days of 2011. I woke up early one morning after performing at the local resort the night before. I grabbed my guitar, headed out for a walk and came across a great spot with an amazing ocean view. The guitar riff evolved through exploring alterations of the 'pick and go' finger style technique. I wanted to come up with a new pattern that changed between time signatures subtlety and effectively. The lyrics address ideas of reminiscence through a broken heart dwelling on memories of first love. 'Dependent Happiness' takes the listener on a journey of introspection in healing one's self after being wounded from an emotional tragedy. The song offers company, encouragement and motivation to those feeling unloved and lonely.

05 Pristine

An authentic roots rock groove with reminiscence of reggae and ska. 'Pristine' is a song about a someone brave enough to to let love guide them and not fear. The lyrics tell a story of a young man who grew up in the desert, lonely, unloved yet still he felt prosperous and believed he was born to serve a greater purpose. One day he woke early and headed out to observe the sun rise, only to realize he needed to head through the sand until he discovered the coast line. He always wondered what the ocean looked like, he had a feeling it would be mesmerizing. He used the determination discovered within, made haste through the desert before finding serenity, peace and company.

06 Desperate Love

A story song with a driving 12/8 groove expressing honesty, introspection and self acceptance. 'Desperate Love' tells the story of two individuals who dwell on loneliness and develop a burning desire to fall in love. This burning desire evolves into desperation and these two lovers fall head over heals for each other. Before too long they each realize it was all too much too soon. The love energy generated between them had quickly evolved and left them each to realize the situation just wasn't right.

07 Evolving Souls

A song written while living at Big White Ski Resort during January of 2015. 'Evolving Souls' tells a story of a person developing awareness for the meaningless aspects of society. In witnessing people behave like drones and do only what they are told, this person begins to see that we actually have all the power we need within and in wanting more we are only telling the universe that we are ungrateful. 'Evolving Souls' reflects a journey of an artist developing awareness, ascending in consciousness and becoming an alchemist. An alchemist will not let the external world govern their internal condition, an alchemist is a master and will only continue to ascend on into wizardry.

08 Sustain

Another song written during January of 2015. While living at Big White Ski Resort, life was absolutely amazing. Until I broke my leg one morning shredding the slopes.. I tore ligaments in my knee and hip but was lucky to have somewhere to live, keep warm and heal. It was around this time I felt a sudden shift in awareness. I started to view life very differently and was unable to make sense of the idea of 'working'. It just doesn't seem right that people offer themselves as slaves to the system because they have been manipulated to avoid fear and steer clear from their true authenticity. I could barely move, yet I was so grateful to still be able to play my guitar and write in my songbook. I started getting flooded with song ideas, guitar riffs, picking patterns, chord progressions, melodies and off course lyrics. 'Sustain' is a song reflecting a story of persistence and offers inspiration to those struggling to 'hang in there' and embrace patience. 

09 Keep The Dream Alive

A song written for a broken soul. I initially wrote 'Keep The Dream Alive' as a journal entry to remind myself to keep positive while experiencing the lows of displacement. I had found myself in a situation I couldn't make sense of, unmotivated and frustrated with no productive work ethic. One evening I began strumming what is now the main guitar part for 'Keep The Dream Alive' and the words from my journal just fit so naturally.. I began to sing them and then came the melody.. It was like the spirits were literally speaking through me. The whole song came together from the words in about half an hour, and that's why I really love this song, it came organically. It still reminds me that I am worthy, resilient, creative, and deeply connected to the source of all energy.

10 Collective

A song offering advice on how one can better them self. 'Collective' was the first song I wrote upon arriving in Canada during 2014. Written in the rhythm of 5/8 time, 'Collective' features a complex finger style guitar part offering some seriously sweet ear candy. The lyrics take the listener on a journey from weakness to strength, offering motivation and confidence to boost one's self esteem.

11 Wearing Warmth

After finishing the 2014/15 winter season at Big White, I decided to take a drive across to Vancouver Island. After docking my van onto the ferry, I went up on deck and took a seat with my songbook. I was becoming very sensitive to how the system programs people to behave like slaves and remain 'asleep' in a drone like archetype. I wanted to write a song that could possibly help people move into their true authenticity and not what the systems requires them to be. 'Wearing Warmth' establishes the peak of the whole album with a monstrous ending chorus and serves as an alarm clock to those still 'asleep'.

12 Dark Night Moon Light

The closing song for the Album. 'Dark Night Moon Light' was written to repair a lonely broken heart. I don't think there is anyway to predict when we will fall in love, crossing paths with the right person at the right time is very rare. I remember taking a walk late one night in Banff and noticing that it was a full moon. I sat beside the river as I became instantly mesmerized from the moon shining so bright and the mountains appearing so clear in the night. I was thinking about good times in the past and felt in the mood to write a deep and meaningful love song. I was lonely, living in a new place and as I have always done, I expressed myself. 'Dark Night Moon Light' tells the story of someone longing for connection and reminiscing on past love. The song concludes with a verse of realization and serves as a reflection of enlightenment achieved from 'letting go'.


Composed & Produced by Lachlan Grant
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar & Bass - Lachlan Grant
Drumming & Album Artwork - Joey Klarenbeek
Recording Engineer - Phillip Sawyers
Mixing Engineer - Cole Nystrom
Mastering Engineer - Alex DeYoung



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