Splendor Music | Lachlan Grant

Lachlan Grant Splendor ’s latest single is taken from his fourth album The Choice Is Yours.

The recording of the album followed a period of further globe trekking for Lachlan, whose travels serve as inspiration for his music and experiences for the storytelling nature of his lyric style. Over the past few years this singer-songwriter, who hails from New Zealand, has been honing his writing craft and developing an indelible singing technique and performance style that’s as individual as it is relatable.

Lachlan’s songs deal with introspection, inspiration and the awakening of one’s higher consciousness. And Fathers Second Son is no exception. Over a gently a hypnotic acoustic guitar part intro, Lachlan begins to explore themes of self-discovery and the creation of one’s personal reality.

Taking cues from folk and roots rock, and drawing further inspiration from a mix of artists including Neil Young and Billy Bragg, Lachlan’s personal experiences are utilised to reflect on the universal; the journey of self-discovery everyone one of us makes in life at one point or another.

The track begins in earnest, with the guitar providing the sole backing to Lachlan’s intimate vocal for part of the first verse, until the drums and bass kick in bringing about a stable foundation for the story to unfold.

When the chorus appears, with its catchy, chant-like melodies, the 12/8 time signature creates a carefree feel, one which is nicely juxtaposed against the meditative nature of the lyric. But above all, it’s Lachlan’s up close and personal vocal technique which contains all the emotional power: at times stirring and provoking and at other times touching and motivating.

At the heart of the lyric, a narrative that acts as a hook in much the same way a melody can be infectious and unforgettable is an impassioned desire to reveal human potential. There are messages in the music, but they are not communicated forcefully but poetically and with a subtle dynamism and a clear understanding of their weight.


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