From the recording The Choice Is Yours

A love song with an alternative folky groove. 'Dependent Happiness' was written in Coral Bay, Western Australia during the last few days of 2011. I woke up early one morning after performing at the local resort the night before. I grabbed my guitar, headed out for a walk and came across a great spot with an amazing ocean view. The guitar riff evolved through exploring alterations of the 'pick and go' finger style technique. I wanted to come up with a new pattern that changed between time signatures subtlety and effectively. The lyrics address ideas of reminiscence through a a broken heart dwelling on memories of first love. 'Dependent Happiness' takes the listener on a journey of introspection in healing one's self after being wounded from an emotional tragedy. The song offers company, encouragement and motivation to those feeling unloved and lonely.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


Life started going so well
I met this girl
I took my time and we grew stronger
We fell in love

My happiness became dependent on you
was it all to much to soon?

Remembering when we first kissed
My mind took hold of you
My love grew strong for you
Remembering all the moments I miss
My heart was weakened for you
Now you’re not around
I realize how much rebuilding I’ve got to do

I was comfortable on my own
Now I’m unstable alone
Soothed by you no longer
Loved by you no longer
My happiness became dependent on you
Was it all to much to soon?
I need to rebuild
I need to restructure my life
Focus on what’s around me
My family still loves me
Motivate the determination I built before I met young Shelly

By Lachlan Grant