1. Evolving Souls

From the recording The Choice Is Yours

A song written while living at Big White Ski Resort during January of 2015. 'Evolving Souls' tells a story of a person developing awareness for the meaningless aspects of society. In witnessing people behave like drones and do only what they are told, this person begins to see that we actually have all the power we need within and in wanting more we are only telling the universe that we are ungrateful. 'Evolving Souls' reflects a journey of an artist developing awareness, ascending in consciousness and becoming an alchemist. An alchemist will not let the external world govern their internal condition, an alchemist is a master and will only continue to ascend on into wizardry.

Written & Produced by Lachlan Grant


The mediocre crowd
Why must they be so loud?
Why must they take the world for granted?
And bring nothing new around
So many souls are standing still
Buying and selling with meaningless will
Society has created a cycle
A baby is born and then exists for a while

Whatever you do is completely up to you
There is limited time to evolve your soul
Spend your time and create yourself
Life is existing through sickness and health

A man who is searching
Creating love and always evolving
He can understand the world
And benefit from learning
A select few souls can succeed
Some just know what they need to believe
He knows his way and where he’s going
His soul will grow and keep on evolving

If everybody’s different then there’s no such thing as normal
So I guess we’re all weird and special somehow
She can control what makes her unique, she can find what so many seek
Standing strong and setting forth, setting an example of how to succeed

Material doesn’t matter, evade your emotions
Forgive your feelings for they will guide you
Most people march with one foot in the past with the other forcing the future
While the power of the moment is forgotten altogether.

By Lachlan Grant
26th January, 2015