1. Sustain

From the recording The Choice Is Yours

Another song written during January of 2015. While living at Big White Ski Resort, life was absolutely amazing. Until I broke my leg one morning shredding the slopes.. I tore ligaments in my knee and hip but was lucky to have somewhere to live, keep warm and heal. It was around this time I felt a sudden shift in awareness. I started to view life very differently and was unable to make sense of the idea of 'working'. It just doesn't seem right that people offer themselves as slaves to the system because they have been manipulated to avoid fear and steer clear from their true authenticity. I could barely move, yet I was so grateful to still be able to play my guitar and write in my songbook. I started getting flooded with song ideas, guitar riffs, picking patterns, chord progressions, melodies and off course lyrics. 'Sustain' is a song reflecting a story of persistence and offers inspiration to those struggling to 'hang in there' and embrace patience.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


There’s more to the story if you can keep on reading
There’s more around the corner if you can keep on driving
There’s more to life if you can keep on living
There’s more soul in your heart of you can keep on loving

Pete became trapped within a lazy life style
Everything was easy, no tolerance for stress
His soul became weak, his mind followed fear
And his life went nowhere

Step out of your comfort zone
Learn to free-fall comfortably
Relax your senses and absorb the energy
You are meant to be

Rachel took a risk,
Took a step towards the world
Found her pot of gold
At the bottom of the rainbow

Stand your shepherd down
You can’t rely on support
Respect your righteousness & welcome your worthiness
Be who ever you need to be

By Lachlan Grant
February, 2015