From the recording The Choice Is Yours

A song written for a broken soul. I initially wrote 'Keep The Dream Alive' as a journal entry to remind myself to keep positive while experiencing the lows of displacement. I had found myself in a situation I couldn't make sense of, unmotivated and frustrated with no productive work ethic. One evening I began strumming what is now the main guitar part for 'Keep The Dream Alive' and the words from my journal just fit so naturally.. I began to sing them and then came the melody.. It was like the spirits were literally speaking through me. The whole song came together from the words in about half an hour, and that's why I really love this song, it came organically. It still reminds me that I am worthy, resilient, creative, and deeply connected to the source of all energy.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


Delay December the end of November
Remember this moment before it's gone forever
Where is my island home and whats the meaning of life?
Still I wonder when will sleep come tonight..

Keep The Dream Alive

Nostelgec memories of the places I've been
sentimentality from the days of seen
In love with what I've done, confused with where I am

Keep The Dream Alive

Keep the dream alive
You can't go back in time
Focus on where you are and not where you could be
Stop leaving and start going
Stop dwelling and start doing
Re-establish and reside, move on with your life

Value memory, cherish it dearly
It is too painful wondering what might have been
If you had done things differently
Learn to believe it was meant to be
Experience is everything while regrets are only mind consuming.

Keep The Dream Alive

By Lachlan Grant
October, 2015