1. Wearing Warmth

From the recording The Choice Is Yours

After finishing the 2014/15 winter season at Big White, I decided to take a drive across to Vancouver Island. After docking my van onto the ferry, I went up on deck and took a seat with my songbook. I was becoming very sensitive to how the system programs people to behave like slaves and remain 'asleep' in a drone like archetype. I wanted to write a song that could possibly help people move into their true authenticity and not what the systems requires them to be. 'Wearing Warmth' establishes the peak of the whole album with a monstrous ending chorus and serves as an alarm clock to those still 'asleep'.

Written & produced by Lachlan Grant


The wearing warmth is wearing off
A stillness within the change of season
North is moving south, what’s this all about?
The air is unfamiliar, not much snow this year
There are those who think they have an answer
And some who feel it’s beyond our control
I don’t believe there’s much we can do, that’s why you all argue
You can’t bare to face the truth that the world has won its war with you

You are all the same
You’re playing the generals game
Receive the task and exceed expectations
Congrats you’re now the best at doing what they tell you
You should have thought to think
And ask yourself
When there is no reason
I will not pay attention

I’m getting itchy feet
I can feel the cities cloning community
I need to adapt, I’ve been away too long
The pace of life is moving all wrong
But here I need to be
Maybe discover something more in me
Practice patience
Learn to tolerate people’s stressful energy

By Lachlan Grant
30th April, 2015