From the recording Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

A song about falling in love over the course of a short few days. We all question our emotions alongside they way we feel and further wonder what could have possibly caused this sudden change of heart.


On Monday I saw love beneath my eyes,
But then something said, “It’s not yet time”
On Tuesday I saw the same thing
Again something said, “It’s not yet time”

I don’t understand
Why my life has suddenly changed
In so many ways
Even in the past five years
I haven’t seen as much change
As I have in the last five days

On Wednesday we introduced ourselves
Name, age and everything else
So Young she happened to be
Too young for the likes of me

On Thursday we were hanging out
Her actual age I forgot about
On Friday she brought me bad news
She says, “I’m Leaving but I’ll never forget you”

In her mind I must print myself
So it can’t be lost through sickness and health
Her memory of me must be strong
Or this love will soon be gone

Composed & Produced By Lachlan Grant
Lead Vocals/Drums – Bevan Gardiner
Guitars – Lachlan Grant
Bass – Aaron Hosking