From the recording Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

A country style song reflecting reminiscence of past love. 'A Day In the Past' offers advice, strength and encouragement for a lonely broken heart.


Remembering what we had
Just makes me want it more
Pain now comes with the thought of you
Pain I can’t ignore
I want to hold you in my arms
Without raising any alarms
Maybe that’s what hurts so much
Knowing this cannot be

If it’s nothing more than a memory
Then it’s strength you must find
Or else you wont be able to
Move on with your life

I think I must forget
And remove you from my mind
This will take some time of mine
But should help my mind unwind
The pain that is now drawn to me
Over weighs that memory
Maybe it’s time to say goodbye
See you in another life

It was just a day in the past
But it drained all of me

Composed & Produced By Lachlan Grant
Vocals/Drums – Bevan Gardiner
Guitar/Backing Vocals – Lachlan Grant
Bass – Aaron Hosking
Backing Vocals – Cassandra McCowan