1. Me and You

From the recording Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

A song written from a broken heart. Love can really shake us up sometimes, make us follow misleading signs... 'Me and You' takes the perspective a young person declaring their love for another even though they know its already too late.


You’ve left me so confused
Now I don’t know what to do
But one thing is for sure
It’s not the same without you

I think I am prepared
Prepared to wait for you
Babe I just wish
You felt the same way to

All that remains
Is what you want to do
Cause my mind is made
And it’s stuck on you

If you still don’t believe
In me and you
I’ll never understand
Why I met you
If you still don’t believe
In me and you
Then I guess I’ll let you know
I could love a girl like you

I had a dream you changed your mind
And we made it work
That dream I wish you find
Cause then you’d see how it would work

Composed & Produced By Lachlan Grant
Lead Vocals/Drums – Bevan Gardiner
Guitars/Backing Vocals – Lachlan Grant
Bass – Aaron Hosking
Backing Vocals – Cassandra McCowan