1. A Simple Life

From the recording Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

Written in reflection of the technological revolution. Many of us have forgotten what it means to human, we assume freedom in a world where lies are necessary because the truth is simply to cruel. Humanity has been enslaved for a very long time and now is the time to claim back our power. Don't let the system bully you, mould you and control you.


Planes crowding the air
Tossers everywhere
Cell phone are the way
It’s the story of today
I need to escape
And leave this place
If I can’t find a way
I’ll probably go insane

In my dreams a simple life I lead
It’s a life I live in a way I can be free
In my dreams a simple life I lead
Oh how I wish this dream were reality

Imagine money was rare
And no one ever cared
Everyone had their say
And pain just kept away
I just want to sleep
And live within my dreams
I can’t bear to face

Composed & Produced By Lachlan Grant
Lead Vocals/Drums – Bevan Gardiner
Guitars/Backing Vocals – Lachlan Grant
Bass – Aaron Hosking