From the recording Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

A song addressing the idea of how technology can make us more lazy, less practical and simply 'dumber'. Although it takes intelligence to create and utilize technology, I feel there are too many devices being created that are making us redundant. We are building machines to replace us! Wake up people, don't let technology consume your authenticity, use it to stimulate creativity.


There’s less we need to learn
And less we need to do
There’s less we need to spend
If we’re to do what we wanna do
There’s less we need to take
And less we need to say
There’s less we need to understand
If we’re to make it all the way

I don’t know if it’s me
But it seems technology
Is developing more ways
To dumb down society

There’s more we can create
And more we can now do
There are more places we can go
So more views we can look through
There’s more time to be lazy
And less work to labor through
There are a lot more machines
That do whatever they’re told to do

Composed & Produced By Lachlan Grant
Lead Vocals/Drums – Bevan Gardiner
Synth/Guitars/Backing Vocals – Lachlan Grant