1. Brad The Nomad

From the recording The Drifting EP

Lyrics written while flying from Australia to Japan. Origianlly this song was intended to remain a poem. I remember sitting in my dads old shed with my guitar and I was playing Neil Young's song 'Comes a Time' when I came up with a chord progression that suited the poem perfectly and I had to construct a song from it.


Another day in the life, another bed another night
Brad was a nomad who dreamed of a structured life
living in a house with a gorgeous loving wife
but every time he tried this life he ended up broken hearted
He finally accepted that he was too sensitive for love
and he knew how easily he fell in love
so brad decided to deprive himself
and ignore the lives of everyone else
he tuned his guitar and begun to play
Brad blazed up and wrote songs all day

Another year went by and Brad started getting depressed
he could no longer cope with his ongoing loneliness
Brad always rolled it green but it wasn’t working anymore
He dreaded this day but knew it would come, Brad was in seek of his Heroine

Brad became addicted when it took his pain miles and miles away
he became dependent of the notorious drug
before too long he felt himself fade away
his guitar was out of tune and he no longer played
By the neck and from a tree
Brad left himself for anyone to see
Another lonely person giving up
another lone wolf to determined to give in
another life to beautiful to live
another soul to sensitive to forgive

By Lachlan Grant