Splendor Music | Lachlan Grant

From the recording Cordial

An uplifting swing groove featuring complex musicianship blended with simple structure. Relatable lyrics reflecting the ideas of love, wishful thinking and self recollection. "Searching For Similarities" will have you connected, inspired and interested to hear more from Lachlan Grant.

Guitar’s, Bass and Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Graham ‘Snowy’ Dyer


You lack self-confidence
Babe, so do I
You can handle long distance
Babe, so can I
You express your emotion
Babe, so do I
You have your own dimension
Babe, so do I

Am I trying to convince myself?
Am I trying to convince myself?
That you are the one for me

Searching for similarities
Between you and me
There’s some that I can see
And I hope that they are visible
To the beautiful eyes through which you see

You’re often on your own
Babe, so am I
You’re comfortable alone
Babe, so am I
You’re independent through and through
Babe, so am I
You know what you wanna do
Babe, so do I