From the recording Cordial

An alternative, driving groove with a touch of country folk. This song approaches the idea of destiny. Some human beings are lucky enough to discover how to embrace their true authenticity but unfortunately, some are not.

Written at Bootleg Studios in Buff Point while tracking the Drifting EP - January 2014
Recorded in Alice Springs, Northern Territory - May 2014
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Joey Klarenbeek


He is the epitome, one of the elite
know it to be real and it will be real
No need to try to hard and don't try to often
It's wasting time to persue the wrong direction
we are all within our mind searching for a sign

Genetic make-up
and the surroundings we grow up with
they make us who we are
distills us our desires,
the director for our dreams
the mind with more experience
is capable of better
the signs are much more clearer, everything is easier
they know they must work harder
they know they can succeed
believe in your own destiny

if you are incapable then you’re blurred from what’s real
you’re not the epitome, somewhat unlucky
your mind is unaware and not ready to understand
you must develop more, connect your body and soul
but this will take your time this time
maybe in the next life