From the recording Cordial

A song reflecting the desire to view life from an alternate perspective. Authenticity is discovered within ones journey of introspection, 'If Only I Could See' is a song inspired by someone who desires to embark on the journey within.

Written in Dunedin, New Zealand - June 2010 by Lachlan Grant.
Recorded at 5B Ramsay Street, Dunedin - July 2010.
Guitar’s & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Bass Guitar by Aaron Hosking
Drums & Percussion by Bevan Gardiner 
String Sections Composed and Arranged by Lachlan Grant


I seem to always
See the light is not on
I seem to always
Think of the girl that’s gone
I seem to always
Hate the world in which I live
I seem to always
Feel, It has nothing more to give

If only I could see
If only I could see
If only I could see
What it’s like to not be me

If I could look upon myself
What would I see?
Probably something
I wouldn’t wanna be
I could change the way I am
Become someone else
Or I could get over it
And just be myself