From the recording Cordial

A song about sympathy. Sometimes we get to a point when we simply have no more sympathy to give. This lyric approaches from an angle of a person putting their love and faith into something or someone to only have it rejected. I believe these kind of emotions lead one away from being able to effectively express sympathy for others because they feel so incredibly let down.

Written at the 'Blue Moon' in Alice Springs - March 2014 by Lachlan Grant 
Recorded in Alice Springs, Northern Territory - May 2014
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Joey Klarenbeek
String Sections Composed and Arranged by Lachlan Grant


A meditative state of mind
There’s hope that the pope will help her cope
through the endless pain in life
Drifting back through past time memories
spinning the show-real of her life so far
While wondering when her love will come
she’s slowly becoming lonely, her spirit is moving uncomfortably
Like love fading from deep within
Where the hell is God when you need him

Devoid of sympathy
my faith in love is empty
let down by the one who saw the light in me
I thought I found the answer
I thought I found my savior
The idea of one God doesn’t really suit me

He thought he had it all
a gorgeous wife and two beautiful girls
but that soon changed, no more of the same
His wife walked out and became
something he couldn’t love
No more happy family
God if you exist please help me

I’m devoid of sympathy
No one’s ever there for me
God why am I so lonely?
I can’t see the point in living
If I’m gonna keep feeling like this