From the recording Cordial

A song about how the system lures in innocent souls and forces them to think they must fit into society. So many people are conditioned and cloned to slave for someone else higher up the pyramid. 'The Trend Of Society' offers confidence and encouragement to anyone frustrated with separation, fear and control structure.

Written at the 'Blue Moon' in Alice Springs - April 2014 by Lachlan Grant 
Recorded in Alice Springs, Northern Territory - May 2014
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Joey Klarenbeek


This is beyond me and all of my capabilities
it’s separating me from my creativity
all of this bureaucracy is making me fucking angry
its all about appearance and how its perceived by socitey
you don’t have to do anything
if you can prove you did something
so what is the truth? Proof delivered in lies?
Like bull shit in disguise,
why should the government decide?
Politicians and children
corruption verses innocence
just tell them they can make a difference
possess them with your arrogance
maintain the right appearance
and society is your army

We are all slaves doing what we’re told
Muslim, catholic what ever you are
we’re all kissing someone’s arse
The trend of society man kind hasn’t changed
it’s all built upon fear, fear of the unknown
fear of no control
we’re made to believe it’s right
bless those who say no and fight