1. He Who Dies

From the recording Cordial

A driving guitar riff, rocking bass and grooving drums bring an authentic edge to this track. He Who Dies addresses the idea of death and offers a more positive perspective than despair.

Written at the 'Blue Moon' in Alice Springs - March 2014 by Lachlan Grant 
Recorded in Alice Springs, Northern Territory - May 2014
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Joey Klarenbeek


I’ve often wondered why it is we cry
when we know someone that dies
it reminds me of my mortality
and how it is apart of me
we all live and we all die
we all live a different life
some are good but most are bad
I try to do my best

Dreaming up a color filled view
I see all the things I love to do
if it’s in your head then the thought is real
and if thoughts are not real then why do they direct everything we do
Mike will test his durability
Sam will search deep long and hard
Mike will go through instability
we all wanna make it far
Hand in hand with hope
believe in something good
that’s all there is to live for
who knows what’s around the corner

He who dies aint sad, he’s gone off somewhere else
but the ones who care become aware
and try to steer clear of the thought of dying
knowing deep down that your time will come around
A half raised frown on a warm winter morning