From the recording Cordial

How Good Would It be is a song of reminiscence. We all dwell on the past sometimes and think about all the beautiful things we miss and so dearly long for.

Written in Long Reef, New South Wales - January 2011 by Lachlan Grant
Recorded in Long Reef - September 2011
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drum Programming & Keyboards by Phil Sawyers


There’s so much going on
And so much going wrong
There’s so much thought put into this
Everyone else is troubled by analysis
Ther’re so many people around
Yet loneliness is still found
We then find ourselves in more distress
Trying to find the factor for our loneliness

The factor for my loneliness
Is the strongest thing I miss
My family when it wasn’t a mess
How good would it be?
If they were here with me

I’ve been searching for so long
For a place were I belong
But every time I find a place
Soon enough it’s gone

We’re always gonna think about the things we’ve never had
Always gonna wanna change the things that turned out bad
I always seem to be trapped in my own company
But soon enough I hope to see that it was all meant to be