From the recording Cordial

A song reflecting the story of a man who is absolutely fed up with the system. Inspired by the idea of breaking free from normality and having to act politically correct. 'The Guy Who Lied' presents a fictitious story of a humble man who became an outlaw because of his sensitivity to slavery and corruption.

Written at the 'Blue Moon' in Alice Springs - March 2014 by Lachlan Grant 
Recorded in Alice Springs, Northern Territory - May 2014
Guitar’s, Bass & Vocals by Lachlan Grant
Drums & Percussion by Joey Klarenbeek


The guy who lied
decided to try and hide
he’s got too much to loose
he can’t go back inside
On the run he goes
Swears a truce to honestly lie
He’s now outside the law
Time to go to war

Declined and denied
the story of the guy who decided to lie
He put up with all the pain
now he’s running low on empathy
His life became so empty
The guy who lied lost his will to survive

The guy who lied always got denied
Never understood how the idiot’s survived
They do not know respect and cannot sense a thing
the ordinary boring, he wonders why they try

He lost his faith towards the system
Obeyed his solo rules
decided what was best for him
A nomadic way of life
then as the lonely days went by
until the guy lied finally died