From the recording The Drifting EP

A song reflecting on the haunting memories resulting in a broken heart and ideas towards recollecting one's self.


Its nights like tonight
Why lately I’m feeling not right
For some reason I bore myself
Let my mind wander with the memories of When I loved you
I’m addicted to thinking of you
And addicted to the thoughts of you

I feel like I still need you
But if I really needed you then I would be with you
I guess this means I want you
Every girl I’ve ever wanted none were ever granted
You were the first to want me
You were the first to love me
Babe I thought you were the one for me
My memories of you, I hope they push me through
Maybe there’s another girl I can love like I loved you
Why can’t I just be happy?
Why is it so hard to just enjoy the things around me
You make it seem so easy
You seem so happy without me
So on nights like tonight
When I’m feeling not right
I will try and occupy myself
Focus my mind and focus my thoughts
On the love and beauty around me

By Lachlan Grant